Anastasia Abramson copywriter

“Every product has a unique personality and it is your job to find it.”

Joe Sugarman

As a copywriter I’ve worked with the whole gamut of companies, from those just about to present their brand to the world, to some of the biggest corporations on the planet, and a few sizeable organisations in-between. Previous copywriting clients have included Green Man Lawn Care and U Developments.

The briefs vary hugely in their demands. Some have watertight instructions using a very specific tone and set of vocabulary. While due to having signed NDAs, I can’t go into specific details, I can say that I’ve found I’m able to follow the strictest of guidelines to craft copy that matches the client’s needs exactly.

If you’re looking for SEO-optimised copy which includes all your keywords in a seamless, readable and engaging post, I’m pretty good at writing those too!

Meanwhile, some companies have written their own copy and just need a professional touch to make it sing. I’ll also ensure the message is grammatically accurate and on-brand!

I’m also a founding member of Rooted, a design and and digital collaborative. Our aim is to make good design accessible to all. Each member is a specialist in their field and thus we are able to create fine-tuned, digital and print products that match the individual needs of our clients.

If you’d like to have a chat about my copywriting services, on their own or as part of a complete design package, please get in touch!

A selection of projects I have worked on

The brief: U Developments tasked us with creating a simple, elegant website that matched their high-end property developing business. As copywriter, I wrote the About section as well as each of the property descriptions. As with the website, the language had to be simple, while conveying the prestigiousness of the modern and bold projects that this developer takes on,

The brief: Green Man Lawn Care is a long-standing client of mine, and I have carried out various projects over the years. I am often asked to proofread and copy-edit marketing material before it goes to print.

Sometimes I am given a concept, theme or aim for a particular campaign, and will work with the team to ensure their chosen message is conveyed in a style that’s witty, engaging and gets results,

The brief: Gentleman George’s Tattoo Parlour in Liverpool had just opened their doors on Liverpool’s Castle Street and were planning a launch party to celebrate the start of their business. I was asked to write a press release to inform local and national press of their unique 1940s-inspired and retro themed offering on one of Liverpool’s most historic streets. I crafted a one-page press invitation and used MailChimp to send it to a roster of relevant journalists to ensure this grand opening didn’t go unnoticed! The full press release, can be read here.

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