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“The best interviews — like the best biographies — should sing the strangeness and variety of the human race.”

Lynn Barber

I’ve had some memorable phone calls in my career, not least one that offered an interview with a then-unknown singer called Jessie J, just before her debut single, Do It Like a Dude, catapulted to second place in the UK Single Chart.

Since then interview offers have come in via more modern methods — Dawn O’Porter asked me for an interview with just a simple Tweet!

These opportunities to chat one-to-one with some of the UK’s best known faces have come to be some of the most notable moments of my career. From discussing parenthood with Denise van Outen to getting Daniel Radcliffe’s take on his preparation for the jump-a-minute film The Woman in Black, I’ve had some unforgettable encounters.

The best bit of the process is piecing the whole experience into a succinct article that reveals both the best bits of the conversation and a real sense of the person behind the name we know so well.

I’m always interested in conducting interviews with interesting people. If you’d like to discuss an opportunity, get in contact with me here!

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